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Phil Sorrell

Production, Mixing, Mastering,

Bass, Guitar, String Arrangements, Drum Programming & Keyboards



Izzy Sorrell

Vocals, Backing vocals, Keys

Izzy has become an integral part of the CaretakerStudios sound with her stunning backing vocals. Educated with both a Bachelor and Masters degree in Popular Music and with backing vocal, performance, production and teaching experience in a broad range of musical styles, she can bring your track to the next level. She also happens to be Phil's daughter.




The Caretaker Crew feature a roster of session musicians, who are able to be featured on your track.

These include:


Jake Stanton, who is able to create real custom drum tracks from 'Big Fig Studios'.

Luke Namaste, who is our resident Clarinet player.

Alex Connolly-Read, who has years of performance experience with a variety of function bands he manages.

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About CaretakerStudios

Phil is a multi instrumentalist, producer and 'Head Honcho' of CaretakerStudios.

Phil started his musical career by playing violin with the bow in the wrong direction. Yet, when reprimanded by his 'technique', he responded by demonstratively playing the set piece perfectly by ear. This gives you a good indication of how his talent progressed over the course of the next four decades.

Phil embodies 'practice makes perfect' having taught himself the guitar, bass, and keys as a teen before founding and playing in bands in the London music scene in the 80s. Career highlights during this time included depping for the bassist during rehearsals with 'Sinead O' Connor (when 'Nothing Compares 2 U' was number 1), a visit by 'Weathergirls' when running a rehearsal studio and a very close encounter with a record deal with his band 'Chokumchild'. Phil always took center stage in writing the songs and the production of his band's demo tapes (Chokumchild and Kissing Kowalski), which he did single handedly. This was his introduction to multi-tracking.

Though this continued in the 90s, the majority of his experience here was in the Studio, where he recorded himself and others in his own studio with an 8 track analog and made a good living in Amsterdam by busking, with great success.

After moving back to London and starting his family, Phil rekindled his romance with Production and arrangement in 2014, when Caretakerstudios was born.


Joel Rogers debut solo album (Better Late Than Never) release Feb 2021

Psykobilly (Patron Saint Of Nothing) release 2021


Phil Sorrell (Caretaker Studios Compilation Double album)


Darren Tuck (All The Good Good People)

MAZE isolation tracks, mixing & mastering


John Donegan (Been Sold Flat)

John Donegan (Putney)

Phil Sorrell plus Special Guests (Electro Pt 1 & Pt 2)


Richard Lucas, ex Broxton Hundred (Single ‘Always Looking For You’) 


The Theme, (Distance EP)


The Winachi Tribe - (2 remixes of single A ROOM WITH A ZOO, included on the release)

Hightown Pirates, (DRY AND HIGH - 4 remixes: Just for Today, Last Chance Saloon, Million Reasons, Perfect Strangers, included on the release)

Darron J Connett, (LOYALTY LIES)

Rusty Eagan feat. Midge Ure, (Remix of GLORIOUS from WELCOME TO THE REMIX)


Ross Harper and the 555s, (RICHER)

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